Leave the WordPress Dashboard Behind.
Rely Less On Social Media, and Stay Found.

ABOUT moves the WordPress dashboard to G Suite.

Our tool introduces a new way for website stakeholders to update their WP sites, bringing Google DNA to WordPress, and nudging organizations into more sustainable futures.

Google search has long made it necessary for organizations of all stripes to establish internet presences, or else, grapple with their own erasure. Organizations comply and make their online homes, increasingly with WordPress, but due to the structure of many organizations, the regular updates necessary to keep these websites competitive in search do not always occur.

We are at a moment where, with the rise of voice search, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, there is an opportunity for small and mid-size organizations to find themselves, and make themselves found, in a major way. Aside from the possibility of newfound reward in this realm of voice search, it is more essential than ever for organizations to ensure they cover their bases across specific categories of published data. (For instance, if Google cannot learn your ‘open hours,’ it looks bad for you.) Google’s knowledge graph, social media newsfeeds, and review site taxonomy change (and trade what they learn about your organization in changing ways, too) but the data these companies collect and present about your organization should not the be sole source for what your audience has to consider about you. Allow your audience to learn directly from you. 

We recognize that there are barriers to entry in the WordPress dashboard. Not all organization’s have a person on-the-ready to make WordPress updates. Relationships with freelancers and agencies end. With About, anyone who knows how to use Microsoft Office can be a person who makes website updates. Start with a doc called ‘About’ in your Google Drive.

With an expanded roster of internal stakeholders able to easily update the website, we make it possible for our organizations to make a broad range of simple updates and snippets that bring emphasis to the organization’s website for all things (rather than social media) encouraging audiences to get in the habit of Google searching, or now, requesting by voice, very specific requests about your organization – requests that are more likely to be found when more stakeholders in an organization participate in updating the site.

We want to dismantle the digital boundaries that prevent or challenge stakeholders in any given website from making the updates they want to make, and improve the textual infrastructure of websites, making it possible for small and midsize organizations to stay relevant and on the map.


Google Docs is an ideal text composition tool, even if it is not yet part of your work process. Docs is free, and does not even require registration. Document permissions are set by the author, and links can easily be shared or restricted. It is possible to invite others to edit a document with you in real-time, or allow others to read and leave comments that do not affect the text that automatically synchs to your website.

Google Docs is an ideal text editor for a group.

Social media’s prominence has contributed to an environment where people expect updates from organizations they are invested in very quickly. But an organization turning to social media instead of their own WordPress site introduces a new set of problems, including shortening the lifespan of the website and decreases trust that the website holds accurate information. Critically, social media updates are not returned by Google in any reliable way, social media archives are hard to browse, and on some platforms it is difficult to edit and correct a record. For these reasons, digital assistants cannot learn the true updates about your organization through social media in a vetted manner.

Audiences choosing to opt-out from some of the top social networking sites is another major, growing risk with overreliance on social media, review sites, and even the search capacities of Google. In short, it is well documented the ways some of the top companies have violated the trust of users. Boycotts of social media platforms have happened, and will continue to occur. From now on, various groups will always have different tensions across all of the tech giants for various reasons. These politics do not have to effect your standing, and your work. Own your own updates with About.


  • No trial-and-error in sensitive WordPress editors for updates.
  • No risk of a novice user ‘breaking’ the site.
  • Increased participation by more website stakeholders.
  • Better, and faster collaboration on needed website updates.
  • New opportunities for timely updates and snippets in search results.
  • Write more effective ‘About’ pages.

Help Launch this Project

What is it?

This is not a content management system. For now, this tool is built to serve on top of an installation of WordPress, the most popular content management system used to build many small websites. We provide an anchor for you, or your developer/designer, to drop into your website on whatever page or area you choose. Once that is in place, you have the flexibility to make your updates through Google Docs.

Who is it for?

If you work in media or technology, About is likely not for you. We are not truly another tool for the digital creative, or the social media strategist. Instead, About is for the class of people in the middle. You spend some time doing your organization’s work on a computer, but you do not spend all of your working hours on the computer. Your organization is operated by a few, maybe it is family-owned. Your audience actually visits your physical address, or you go to them.

When is it available?

About works today. We have a working prototype of this service currently in use on a client’s website. We are documenting this experience using the service to put together several thorough case studies. Please contact us for a copy. Currently, there is no service like this in existence! We are hoping to build out About into a full, reasonably priced service. We are looking for partners and supporters at this time to help us launch.