We are seeking partners and backers to assist us in growing this project. We are really eager to get advice and best practices on how to successfully launch as a small service from individuals who are familiar with this process. Specific areas we could use help are below. Another way we are accepting support is through financial assistance. Unless the donation is specifically earmarked, all financial contributions will go to the developer.

Ways to Support the Project

Workshopping the Pitch. Do you understand the product from the way we’ve described it here? What would help in clarifying the idea?

Expanding and Imagining Uses. We have some strong ideas of how this product can be used. Do you agree? Are we missing something?

Plan for Growth. Launching this thing. What should be doing today? Three months from now?

Incubate the Idea. If you know of a space or program that would be a good fit for this project, please let us know.


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